O’ Cracked

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The pressure was applied. The O’ cracked. Check out O’s comic at http://www.commissionedcomic.com

You can hear O’, Scott and Randy of ELR talk about Trek…O’ giving his first impressions of what he thought…

check it out here. http://www.myextralife.com/2009/05/20/elr-217-where-no-o-has-gone-before/

Now the question remains….Who gets the Geek Pressure Next? Suggestions?


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Holy crap, a conspiracy:

^^^^^^ Found this in my search logs for geekpressure.com…who is googling this…I mean really.

Rico Applies GP to O’

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“Obsidian, don’t make me beam down to Columbia and vaporize you…  Watch some Star Trek man!”

– Rico “Treks In SciFi

Ibbott Applies GP to O’

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“You’re bald. I’m bald. Captain Picard is bald. What more do you need?”

– Brian “Coverville” Ibbott

Veronica Applies GP to O’

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“We’re watching you until you watch Trek! See me watching? Watching and judging…”

– Veronica “Tekzilla” Belmont

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Randy Applies GP to O’

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“I refuse to contribute any more to charity until you watch Star Trek. Think of the children!”

– Randy “The Instance” Jordan, aka “Will Riker”

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Darrell Applies GP to O’

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“Scott got to level 70 for The Instance.  Why can’t O watch Star Trek for ELR?”

– Darrell S. aka “BearButt”

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Len Applies GP to O’

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“I’m holding all my poopies until you watch the Trek…for the love of ’25’ hurry…”

– Len from Jawbone

Brian Applies GP to O’

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“All The Kool Kids Are Doing It…Now look at my head of hair. DO IT!”

– Brian “A Mission Deep” Dunaway

Scott Applies Geek Pressure

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“One to beam up, damnit!”

– SCOTT “Extralife” JOHNSON

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