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Holy crap, a conspiracy:

^^^^^^ Found this in my search logs for…who is googling this…I mean really.

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  1. veronica Says:

    Damn! The secret is out!! 😉

  2. Administrator Says:

    I knew it!! I’m totally telling somebody…I don’t know who yet..but I have a video tape in a lockbox down at the airport if anything happens to me.

  3. Sebastiaan van Dijk Says:

    Who uses video tapes any more?! by now you’d think people would stow away private youtube video’s for stuff like that..

  4. A Mission Deep » Archive » Twitter Updates for 2009-02-16 Says:

    […] and @oabnormal co-conspirators! […]

  5. O Says:

    You paparazzis!
    Why won’t you just let us be?
    Our love is pure!

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