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If you listen to Extralife Radio then you know that Obsidian from Commissioned Comic has never watched any of the original Star Trek episodes. A lot of his geeky friends think this is a major oversight on his part and he refuses to be led to the water.

So this site was setup to think of creative ways to pressure O into watching these classics.

Straight from the horse’s mouth:


UPDATE: Now Len from JawBoneRadio is telling me he has only ever seen half of the ‘Trouble With Tribbles’ episode. What’s the baby using Len? Star Trek.

UPDATEER: I may have O’s cell phone number. It could be leaked here later if O continues to refuse our demands.

UPDATEST: Don’t forget to sign the Petition

UPDATESTER: Digg It if you can.

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24 Responses to “Pressuring O’ and Now Len”

  1. J Says:


  2. Nealman12 Says:

    hello brian

  3. MjR Says:

    Seriously O! You need to go back to Trek school and put in some serious overtime on catching up. There is so much useless knowledge that’s just waiting for you out there!

    And you could do a new segment on ELR where you review an old Trek episode that you’ve just seen for the first time! That would be hilarious!

  4. Lyskan Says:

    Send him a 360 or PS3 and tell the Colombian gov’t not to give it to him until they witness him watch all Star Trek episodes.

  5. wookievomit Says:

    Because hot borg girls are hot

  6. Administrator Says:

    I feel the pressure building.

  7. Corhen Says:

    shame on you SHAME, your Geek cred is dropping like a rock….

  8. bnitro Says:

    fight it O fight it! Don’t let the sarkside consume you!

    You were the chosen one!

  9. Sam Says:

    OMG SHUN THE NON WATCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. missiondeep Says:

    O reminds me of a young captain Kirk.

  11. Sebastiaan van Dijk Says:

    O, do it! get on it!

  12. Benjamin Says:

    Don’t do it O! You’ll never get that valuable time back!!

  13. missiondeep Says:

  14. novarasi Says:

    hey O! veronica loves star trek.

  15. Scott Says:

    DO IT!!!!!

  16. wolfgang Says:

    You are going to see a great bald captain!

  17. Jonathan Franzone Says:

    The original episodes are the best!

  18. Len Says:

    I rode the Star Trek experience. Does that count?

  19. Jousting Justin Says:

    Here’s a long, droning response that I wouldn’t bother to read if I were you but eh, maybe you will, who knows.
    O, I get the resistance thing. Not that it’s against Star Trek, just in general… I get the whole “ughkkk! I’m just not going to go there.” I’ve done that with a lot of stuff too. Hell, I didn’t start Battlestar Glactica or Lost until after their second seasons and in the case of Battlestar, I’m sorry I waited. Lost, not so much. I’m still resisting ‘Dr. Who’, with no signs of letting up at all on that. But I digress. The point is, you have to be genuinely curious about it, and be open to the possibility that it just might be kick ass. You can’t just do it because other people tell you. You have to get to it when you’re ready. Now, I have no idea why you don’t like Star Trek, but I really think you should get over it at some point and really try it with an open mind. I’m right in the middle of my second “Year of Trek” marathon, I did this a few years ago. Watching all shows of all series in order. I love Star Trek, it’s my absolute favorite of all Sci Fi incarnations. Seeing them all, you realize that it has it’s own history that builds upon itself. It’s really huge and epic, spanning over two hundred years of the best possible future humanity could possibly attain. It’s not just the clunky charm of the original series, nor the slick space soap-opera texture of the Next Generation. It’s the positive look toward the future, and the hoping that with each new adventure, that future won’t get crushed and blown away. If you’re into a hopeful, more evolved view of humanity in the future, this is great stuff for ya’. If you’re more into the vision as humanity behaving as we are now except that we’ll have spaceships and destructive weapons, then there’s tons of stuff like that out there. Battlestar Galactica for one.
    I suggest you start with season 2 of Deep Space Nine and going all the way to the end of that series, it hardly feels like Star Trek at all, and it’s a magnificent story arc.


  20. Clara Says:

    Do it!!!

  21. Melanie1001 Says:

    Oh come on dear O – give it a whirl just so you can either say I told you so or decide you like it. Remember if you come to the dark side, we have cookies! Oreos at that!

  22. Tim Says:

    O if you dont hurry up and watch we will send Brian to live with you until you do.

  23. JelloBoy25 Says:

    Don’t give in O. Keep fighting the good fight. Don’t let them force you, or lure you in with promises of cream filled sandwich cookies. There are no cookies on the Trek side O, just Shatner. Shatner and spacesuit cameltoe.

    Of course… I don’t really like SciFi, and haven’t really watched Trek in Forever so…. Hey who knows, could be good.

  24. Hurley Says:

    Short and sweet. Keeep it real, fight the power.

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