Randy Applies GP to O’

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“I refuse to contribute any more to charity until you watch Star Trek. Think of the children!”

– Randy “The Instance” Jordan, aka “Will Riker”

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7 Responses to “Randy Applies GP to O’”

  1. crowolf Says:

    Number One makes a stand! But still I think O should start with the original. After that, if he watches TNG, it will be a step up 😛

  2. Marco (Pwn4Life) Says:

    O, watch it!!!!!!!

  3. luvU Says:

    Tell the truth Mr.Deluxe, you’re rippin a fart that brought some Amazon Heat when you took that picture.

  4. luvU Says:

    Amazon Heat – A fart so terrible that it will in fact raise the room (depending on size)temperature by 10-20 degrees.

  5. Seth Says:

    Come on O watch POOP TREK! XD

  6. Elliott Says:

    U know, Randy does look a lil like Riker.

  7. bobie joe Says:

    Riker with a terrible case of gas.

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