Scott Applies Geek Pressure

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“One to beam up, damnit!”

– SCOTT “Extralife” JOHNSON

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Pressuring Scott Johnson

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I have been in close contact with O’ and it appears he is starting to crack. However, in a last ditch effort to divert attention from himself he has decided to apply counter pressure to Scott Johnson.

O’ says if Scott will watch a full season of bobobo-bo bobobo that he will watch a season of Star Trek.

UPDATE: Scott has agreed to watch a full season of bobobo-bo bobobo.

Here’s the proof: Post On Extralife

But I worry what might happen to his brain if he does. I think the pressure is getting to him. I don’t want anybody to die from geek pressure. How about we start at 1 episode each. Suggest episodes in the comments section for each series and we will have a poll and go from there.

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