Veronica Applies GP to O’

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“We’re watching you until you watch Trek! See me watching? Watching and judging…”

– Veronica “Tekzilla” Belmont

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6 Responses to “Veronica Applies GP to O’”

  1. crowolf Says:

    Heh, Veronica does make an excellent fake-angry face 😛

  2. Javadoggy Says:

    Get Him Veronica! Tell O how it is! 🙂

  3. MtB Says:

    she has a huge thumb finger :O

  4. panda Says:

    señorita verónica: usted es ardiente.

  5. marsboitch Says:

    pretty even in anger hehe

  6. Justin Says:

    For the love of god man, do as the hottie commands!

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